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Claudio Coppola was involved in a single vehicle accident on the evening of November 9th, 2012. Though his life expired his spirit lives on.

Those of us who knew Claudio knew that he had a lot of friends. Many a night our family room was filled with laughter and young voices. There was always a plan in the works to try to help cheer someone up or get help to someone that needed it.

Claudio Coppola was and will forever be a selfless human being, caring for others less fortunate than he. His leadership in school, on the field, even in
in the locker room,and with his friends; built a strong foundation with his peers. His love of sports and music made him a well rounded individual. His approach to academics was to enroll in diverse classes in order to be exposed to as many different ideas as possible.

His friends always flocked to him for guidance and affection. His teachers admired him because they knew they could count on his support and to get work done in the classroom. His family cherished him because of his fierce loyalty and strong work ethic. Everyone loved him for his contagious laugh, broad smile and those amazing blue eyes that were so deep; it felt as if he could look into your very soul.

Someone once described Claudio and we have never forgot the phrase that was used. They said he was a shape shifter, a weaver. Someone who could mingle with just about anyone. Claudio was able to talk to anyone. He could tailor his conversation for any audience. Teachers, students, administrators, parents, professionals or the everyday person, adult and young person alike were able to talk to him. Whether it was a problem with a teacher, school, or a personal issue or simply having a bad day; Claudio seemed to have just the right words not just for his friends, but to the many perfect strangers who have regaled us with stories of his intervention and kind words. He was able to offer an uplifting story to someone who needed it or criticism to a friend that needed the truth. Whether they were kind or critical words, the people who knew him understood that they were always from the heart and always with love.

I know many of you, who are reading this, are probably thinking that Claudio was too good to be true. You are right. He was. That is why God decided to take him from us.  He was too good for this world. He was able to do more in the 16 years of his short life than many of us will ever be able to do in our own lives. He has inspired his peers to do great things and for us to honor his memory.

Though Claudio’s life ended on that fateful night, November 9th, 2012, his spirit will live on in the Claudio Cares Foundation. Our mission is to inspire break throughs in the way the world treats young adults; to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives and in the lives of others. “Claudio Cares” is seeking to achieve what Claudio can no longer do.  Via The foundation, we have helped those that Claudio cared for and we are striving to help and reward those individuals that embody the spirit of Claudio. We are seeking young people who have leadership, selflessness, athletic, artistic and academic qualities that Claudio exuded.

Claudio’s life embodied the best qualities of young adults today. We hope that this foundation will spread those qualities in order to make the world a better place!


PS:Please be sure to visit Facebook and “like” Claudio Cares Facebook page in order to receive updates of upcoming events.  




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